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Frequently Asked Questions

Residential home cleaning services - Bellingham Area

We give careful attention to art and antiques.

Residential House Cleaning - Bellingham Area

We notice dust in those places others miss.

Pet-friendly house cleaning services.

Pets become comfortable with us in no time.

Houses Cleaning Services - Bellingham Area

Deep cleaning is our goal every single visit.

1. Will I get the same housekeeper most of the time?
Yes, we train our staff to work on your home and you will get to know them personally. They will be consistent in the time they arrive and who will be there. You can count on it.
2. Can we trust our possessions and home are safe and taken care of?
Our staff is thoroughly screened for state and out of state records. We know everything about them. We check for criminal records and work history. Jalima hires only workers with impeccable backgrounds. In addition, we are completely insured and bonded against damage. In our many years of work in Bellingham, we have never had legal problems with a single client.
3. What about my antiques and art?
Jalima has had extensive training in antique appraisal and care. Our staff is carefully selected for their ability to work with fragile objects and taught how to properly care for valuable items.
4. Will I want or need a “Spring Cleaning”?
No! Our housekeepers do a Deep Cleaning each and every time. Your home will look good all year round, for the holidays, family events or season changes. We clean not just around furniture, but under and behind it. We move items and clean. We do window sills, finger prints on cupboards and the refrigerator handle. You will always be proud to have visitors and will enjoy walking barefoot in your home.
5. What do you charge?
Our rates are very competitive in that we don’t charge by the hour. We charge by the job. We will come in and give you a firm estimate depending upon your individual needs. Cleaning time may vary each visit, but your house will always look perfect.  We will not change your price from one week to the next even when some visits take longer than others.  For instance, one week your stove might take an extra long time, or the floors might be messier.  We will work until your home is clean.
6.Do we have a contract with you?
Unlike many other companies, you are not asked to sign a contract with us or forced to stay with us if it doesn’t work out for you. You may discontinue our services any time and we may do the same. You become part of our family and we guarantee you will love our work!
7. Will you change my cleaning schedule often?
No, the date and time will be the same each time, though the customer may request a change for special event or for convenience. You may count on us to be there on time and on schedule.
8. Do I need to leave on cleaning day?
No, leaving is optional. Customers may stay home while we work if they prefer.
9. Are you afraid of dogs or cats? I have pets.
Absolutely no problem. We love and respect your pets and treat them as members of the family. We make them feel comfortable in your home as we work and understand the special needs pet owners have for clean up of hair and paw prints.
10. Can I ask for specific areas to get more attention than others?
Yes, indeed. We are here for you and your individual needs. Tell us your priorities and we will make sure you are satisfied with the result.

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Professional house cleaning and maid services in Bellingham.

Trust Jalima Professional House Cleaning to provide cleanliness, organization and order in your home.

Client Testimonial

As a Realtor with RE/MAX Whatcom County, I have used Jalima Collins services both professionally and personally for over 20 years. In my opinion, and the clients I have referred her to, she is the best in the business.
Sheila Walls, 20+ year client