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What is Eco-Friendly Cleaning?

Although it may seem easy to simply buy the strongest cleaners at the store, it’s important to read the ingredients AND consider homemade options!  Many chemicals can be harmful to your pets, your kids and the environment.  Strong toilet and shower cleaners often contain substances that eventually end up flushing into local bodies of water, contaminating ecosystems and sometimes ending up back as our drinking water.

Jalima Professional Housekeeping Services is dedicated to using “Environmentally Friendly” cleaners, including Biodegradable products, Allergen-free products and simple, homemade mixtures like vinegar and water.  We leave your home smelling clean and fresh, not like a laboratory.

In addition, we use vacuums with special bags and filters to control the dust in your home and take the time to vacuum air ducts, fabric furniture and rugs.  Dust mites don’t stand a chance with us!

Eco-friendly House Cleaning Services